Morning Ritual Studio


When you purchase a Morning Ritual piece, there is a 100% chance that you are supporting a woman-of-color-owned business. Yes! My name is Shayna and I'm the human running Morning Ritual Studio.

Each piece of jewelry is fabricated by hand in my home studio in Hawaii. Stones are cut, shaped, polished, and drilled here.

A little background info: I was born and raised in a humble town called Kalihi. My style and process is heavily influened by my humble beginnings: simple and paired-down with longevity always in mind.

I am commited to sustainable and ethical practices from sourcing raw materials to packaging. No choice is an after thought.

If you have any questions about custom and/or wholesale orders, send me a message.

For studio insight and the most current happenings, subscribe to my mailing list and follow my instagram link below (@morningritualstudio)

Thank you for being here!


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